Ultra-Pure Water &

Waste Water Management 

Ricsan Filters made it's step into this market in March of 2004 after realizing the growing importance for water purity. Ultra-Pure water is becoming a more and more important commodity in the industrial manufacturing sector every year. As manufactruing becomes more competitive, everyone is looking for that edge that will improve their product or process. Sometimes it's as simple as using ultra-pure water to replace well or city water. Ultra-pure water may cost more initally, but the savings it can produce far out-weigh those costs.

On the other hand, manufacturing is always looking for ways to improve their waste water systems. The increasing cost of waste water discharge and sewer fees has industry looking for a lower cost per gallon charge on waste water. New and innovative ways to reduce the sky rocketing sewer fees is also in big demand for industry. "Zero Discharge" is where most industry would ultimately like to with waste water discharge. Take that discharge water and clean it up enough to reuse somewhere in the plant as: cooling towers, boiler feed water or even process water. With new technologies emerging everyday, lowering the per gallon cost of waste water discharge and "Zero Discharge" has become a reality.

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